Hammered Dulcimers

Timbre Line hammered dulcimers represent an exceptional value in the market. They include, at no extra charge, one pair of hammers and a solid maple folding stand. All dulcimers are 16/15's, meaning that they have 16 treble courses and 15 bass courses, passing over Delrin bridge caps. They play in the keys of (E), A, D, G, C, and (F).

Protege picture

Protege Dulcimer

Our Protege Dulcimer is also handcrafted from solid woods. We have strived to create a dulcimer that sounds as rich and full as our Deluxe Model but at a lower price. The protege is built around a sound chamber identical in materials and construction to that of the Deluxe. We left out the frills and left in the sound. $650.00

Deluxe picture

Deluxe Dulcimer

Our deluxe dulcimer is as beautiful to look at as it is to play. The deluxe dulcimer has hand rubbed hardwood rails, in your choice of woods, finished with a protective Danish Oil finish. It features both inlaid bridge markers and inlaid Timbre Line soundholes. The deluxe dulcimer tuning wrench/carrying handle is a Timbre Line exclusive. $950.00

Deluxe handle picture

Close up of the combination tuning wrench and carrying handle

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