The TimbreHarp, basically similar to an "Autoharp", is also handcrafted in Colorado, with choice, selected solid woods. Available in a wide variety of tunings, with unlimited chord and key choices, you can have us create a "harp just for you". All our 'harps come with the superior Pete Daigle fine tuners as standard equipment. They are available in 6 or 7 chord diatonic models or 12, 15 or 21 chord chromatic models. Prices start at $680.00 TimbreHarp picture


The chromatic 'harp, as its name would imply, is a 'harp which has all (or most) of the notes of a chromatic scale, and is, therefore, capable of playing in a variety of keys. They are especially good to accompany singing, as they will be better able to match the singer's voice range. The 12 bar chromatic, in essence, plays in 4 keys, the 15 bar in 5 keys and the 21 bar in 7 keys. We maximize the strings to provide the best possible use of the 36 strings available for the keys on the 'harp.

  • 12 Bar $710.00
  • 15 Bar $725.00
  • 21 Bar $755.00


The diatonic 'harp, is set up to play only in one key. Because of this, most of the strings in the midrange are doubled, with two strings playing the same note, increasing the volume of those notes. Diatonic 'harps are often used in playing melodies, but are less useful to a singer as they limit the available range of the singer's repertoire. They are available in any key. The 7 bar diatonic includes the "5 of 5" chord in the key.

  • 6 Bar $680.00
  • 7 Bar $685.00

Double Diatonic (Biatonic)

A double diatonic 'harp combines some of the advantages of the chromatic 'harp with those of a diatonic 'harp. The double diatonic plays in 2 diatonic keys, keeping the doubled strings on all but one note in the scale. The two keys must be next to each other in the "circle of fifths", for example, D and G, G and C, or C and F. Double diatonic 'harps often include lockbars to lock out the extra note. Prices based on the number of chords and lockbars. Call or e-mail for further information.

Chordbar picture

Close up of the chordbar structure on our 21 bar TimbreHarp.

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